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Low Minimum Order Quantities

An MOQ You Can Live With

Our Minimum Order Quantities are the lowest in the industry. Whether the parts are in stock or custom made to your specs, our goal is to provide excellent value and offer flexibility to your business and its new projects, by our low MOQ.

You no longer have to purchase huge quantities for first time buys and/or pre-production builds. PCA has a long history of working with small companies and supporting them through the startup phase when development budgets are tight.

We believe this strategy is an investment in our future business as we have seen many times our new customers grow into large multi-national corporations. By supporting them with low MOQ in the early days, we've established a partnership that continues to grow and prosper.

Maybe this is why we've been so successful providing quality magnetics for over 60 years.

Request a quote using our Quote/Sample form, our Custom Magnetics Worksheet, or Contact Us with your requirements and we'll engineer and manufacture the part for you.

Our low MOQ can save your budget!


ISO9001:2015 certifications in all of our global sales and manufacturing facilities.


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